It all started about 5 years ago, in an beautiful terrace house in Sydney, Australia. A group of restless expats, bored with the redundant social schedule of Friday night drinks, followed by a boozy Saturday and a Sunday of heavy recovery in preparation for the Monday scaries.

In an attempt to spice things up, "Coop" of CWC, suggested a bit of a cheeky Wednesday dinner party to break up the week. We had tacos, we drank lots of beer and tequila, and everyone left around 11. Pretty standard evening all things considered, but what happened next was the magic..... The following morning every single one of the guests, through broken texts and rip-roaring hangovers had a non-stop chat begging for another "cookin with coop" to happen the next week! 

Proclamations of "the best night all year" and "how have we just done this now" where being shared within the group.

Fast forward 5 years, "Cookin with Coop's" have been hosted all over the world with friends and strangers alike. From the riads of Marrakech, to townhouses of Clapham, to the apartments of NYC, the energy has grown, and the following has become something kind of magical.

It was not until about December of 2017 that it finally hit "coop".... Holy shit there may be something here, and its time to share it with the world. And so it began!