We take pride in our ability to create your event as you see it.

Whether it be a dinner for 10 or a gala for 250, our creative ops team put the pieces together to create something special for you.

Not seeing what you are looking for? Send an inquiry anyways and we will do our best to make something happen.

live cooking show

Have you ever wanted to turn your kitchen into the set for a cooking show? Now you have that opportunity! Along with a camera crew, we will twist up yummy dishes and cocktails for you and a group of friends at your home or office. This is truly a one of kind experience. Your guests will leave with a tummy full of food, and a dining experience unlike any other!

The Supper In Club

As one of our past hosts stated perfectly “This is not your ordinary dinner party”. We get all of the guests involved in the cooking experience- whether is grating carrots, chopping veggies, grilling meats or shaking up some tasty beverages, the SUPPER IN CLUB is a fully interactive experience. Your idea of how a dinner party should be will never be the same.